Ketev — Singulare Stare

KETEV's sound is one that you cannot help but give your whole self over to. There's a uniqueness in his mantra, he achieves an engrossingly lucid state within listening that is quite unlike anyone else currently working within the realm of damaged and mutated techno ambience.

Ketev's music initially sounds as if it's purpose is to illicit fear within the listener, but once immersed within opener 'Remains as a burning coal' it's clear that this is not always the intention. There is a odd comfort within the hiss and tangible manipulation of sound that allows you to feel and understand a part of Ketev's world – he's not simply showing you his creation, but rather inviting you to enter and share his experience, and once locked, we are given the breathing space within the accomplished ambience of 'Predatory Soil' and 'Akko' to truly reflect and explore this expanse. As is the nature of Ketev's work, once comfortable within this ambience we are dumped back into the harsh reality of the familiar with a brutal parting cold stare, in the form of 'Pigment, knife, and a pedestal'. An enthralling, escapist experience."

Composed and produced by Yair Elazar Glotman
Release date: August 4, 2014
Label: Where To Now?